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Intelligent Dimmable LED Strip Lights, Adjust Motions & Make House New 



Refurbish house need lots of money, an alterative way is using LED lights to change the feel when you stay in a room. Our Intelligent LED Strip Lights can achieve same effect of moving house!


Scientists also find room colors can adjust human motions, while motions directly affect health! It is important to let your house have best lights for you.


RGB LED means Red, Green and Blue LEDs. It combines 3 colors to produce over 16 million hues of lights! And the colors can be controlled by music, human sound or scene or time schedule, via Infrared ray of Bluetooth.



APP & IR Remote Control Controlled by Bluetooth APP or 24-key Infrared remote control. Easily change light colors, brightness, color temperature, or changing mode, changing speed with one App on phone. remote controller can be used if your phone is not available.

Sync with Music BeatsThe APP that controls the LED strips light uses the built-in microphone. The LED strips can change light color according