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[PROFESSIONAL KEEP FOOD FRESH LONGER]: get rid of oxygen, carbon hydride CO2, and bacteria in air etc., to keep food fresh time 3-6 times longer than normal storage!  

[SUTABLE FOR SOUS VIDE METHOD]: to get the best nutrition and best original favor of meat. They provide excellent heat-sealing performance and higher Water Vapor barrier property. Sous-vide is a method of cooking food that has been vacuum-sealed in a plastic bag and immersed in a regulated, 55°C-80°C temperature low-temperature water bath. 

[MORE SAFETY]: Constructed of BPA-free 4 Mil multi-layer material are safe for SOUS VIDE cooking. Vacuum sealing your ingredients allows heat to better transmit to your food and ensures that packets stay submerged during the sous vide water bath 

[MATCH MOST SEALER MACHINE]: with texture on both sides compatible with most 'Clamp Style' Sealer Machine. It is also microwave-safe and freezer-safe.

[EXCELLENT DESIGN]: Specially designed channels to maximize removal both oxygen and moisture, eliminate freezer burn and keep the food fresh and tasty. Can storage meat, vegetables, soy products, whole grains, snacks, cakes, and cookies etc.